Our Team

The Skytale team brings in together a diverse pool of talent who are web 3 enthusiasts, with experience in diverse fields such as engineering, AI, blockchain, marketing, UX, business development, etc. Skytale’s vision is to be a one stop shop for all your decentralised assets.

Enrico managed up to 10 product verticals with 35 engineers in 5 different teams, handled 100k daily transactions and 1 Mn daily requests, has worked on various crypto solutions since 2014, such as Mamoru and upvest.co

Massi has 20 years of experience as a Software Architect and Tech Manager and 5 years of experience in different crypto protocols.
Alex’s main area of expertise lies within Marketing, scaling operations and Management. As a venture developer he provides hands-on business support and coordinates the team at our venture studio Next Big Thing AG.
Software Engineer
Morgan is a computer science student, and works at Skytale as programmer and makes sure that there are no bugs. He is also an avid gamer and wants to develop cool games that incorporate blockchain infrastructure.
Growth Marketing
Somu is a Web 3.0 enthusiast, with a background in management, finance & psychology and experience in a variety of different industries such as AI, FMCG, and recently crypto. At Skytale, Somu is responsible for communications, growth and fostering partnerships.
Growth Marketing Intern

Nina is passionate about digital culture and has worked in journalism, PR, and User Research.

At Skytale, Nina is responsible for marketing growth, creating content and engaging with users across different platforms.

Blockchain Advisor
Rhian Lewis is a developer, author and blockchain consultant who has been involved in the cryptocurrency space since 2013 and has acted as an advisor for various projects. She is the author of The Cryptocurrency Revolution.
Software Developer
Dominic is a Software Developer with skills in Nodejs, React and building with Web3.js. He also is a certified AWS developer and has completed his Master’s degree from Goa University.
UX Researcher
As an aspiring user experience researcher, with a cognitive and statistics background, Margherita’s passions are within the areas of marketing, the interaction between technology and the human brain, and research. She is currently working as the marketing team manager and on a UXR project.