Skytale Pass

Your key to the Skytale Portal

Skytale Pass

The Skytale key is a utility NFT that provides LIFETIME access to all of Skytale’s premium features such as scam token detection, NFT analytics, Quickbooks integration, early access beta features, upcoming raffles. The key is your pass – as long as you hold it, you will be able to access all our features. It also acts as a free mint pass to a PFP drop.



Skytale Pass holders gain lifetime access to Skytale’s advanced analytics multi-chain asset tracker, to help them make informed investment decisions. Skytale also has a scam token detection tool, powered by machine learning that instantly alerts the user about a malicious token, airdrop or an NFT.

Tax reporting/Quickbooks

Does your accountant hate you? Tired of spending countless hours trying to figure out how to sort the mess that is your wallet? With Skytale’s classification & tagging features, now you don’t have to. Instantly connect and import your transactions with quickbooks and regain control of your finances.

Skytale lets you add as many wallets as you want from 16 different chains.

Partnership benefits

Web3 is all about collaboration. With this in mind Skytale has already partnered with some of the most impactful protocols and projects in the space. Key holders will benefit from free domains courtesy of Unstoppable domains, discounts on NANSEN packages, NFT fair price and sniping bots from Lightnift with many more partnerships & tools in the woodworks – everything you need to thrive in web3.

Education, raffles & giveaways

Skytale started out as a DeFi wallet but we quickly realised that our visions and ambitions were much greater and, that community is everything. In the coming months, we plan to onboard a lot of creatives, builders and people from other industries into the eco-system. Holding a key will qualify you for airdrops arising out of these collaborations.

Mint-pass for PFP drop

Skytale has something for everyone! We know there is nothing more degens love than trading and flipping. Your key will act as a free mint pass for Skytale PFP drop that you can flip or sell without loosing access to the benefits from the pass. The PFP drop is currently planned for December 2022.

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