Skytale integrates Solana

Skytale x Solana

We are very proud to announce we have integrated Solana and you can now see the balance of your Solana wallets!

Solana is a high-performance non EVM blockchain, made by Solana Labs, which is considered by many a potential Ethereum rival thanks to its superior transaction speeds and lower associated costs. For this reason it became very popular in the nfts and defi space.

Thanks to this integration you will now able to connect your Solana wallet to the Skytale dashboard and see the balance and the overall performance of your assets. Soon we will also offer the possibility to see historical transactions on the Solana chain.

Considering our strong support for interoperability and a multichain approach, this integration is in line with our roadmap and our vision.

As a matter of fact, we currently support 8 different EVM networks and Solana is the first non EVM network we have integrated. We are planning to add many more networks to our platform in the coming months.