Skytale x Lightnift, new partnership

About Skytale

Skytale is a DeFi curated ledger to consolidate on-chain activities into one single view and to prevent fraud by flagging transactions and preparing critical data for tax reporting. With data aggregated from an extensive and expanding list of supported networks and protocols, Skytale enables anyone to make more informed decisions about their investments and to be alerted to potential scams in the DeFi and NFT space.

Skytale’s platform was launched in 2021 with the goal of helping people that invest in crypto to depend less on spreadsheets and have one place where they could see all their transactions. Besides that, Skytale also allows users to add notes and tags to each transaction, export data transaction into CSV, import transaction into the accounting software Quickbooks and configure webhooks to receive notifications on Discord and Slack. Therefore, Skytale is not only a tracking tool but also an accounting platform and bookkeeping solution.

About Lightnift

Recently, the number of NFTs traders has increased and will keep growing. The market is in constant change and new tools are needed to deal with that. Lightnift was created to interpret the big amount of data from user behaviour and the NFT market, as a solution to help traders find out the value of an NFT. Lightnift wants to reduce the risks involved in purchasing NFTs and give the user enough information so that they can make decisions in a more “algorithmic” way. Given the nature of NFTs and their uniqueness, this is often hard to predict, but Lightnift research is backed up by extensive data. During the live testing phase, Lightnift’s appraisal algorithm was able to predict next sale prices with an average error margin of less than 10% for the top 50 NFT collections on Ethereum network.

Why are we partnering

We believe that the partnership with Lightnift can be beneficial to our users as it is often hard to navigate the NFT market and having an appraisal tool that facilitates the whole process can be less time-consuming. By aggregating data from multiple sources and leveraging cutting-edge functions, Lightnift can help the decision-making process of buying an NFT and as we have recently found out through our survey, a big part of our users is interested in NFTs. At the same time, we think that Lightnift users can be benefited from our features and save time when trading crypto. In the future, both our users can expect exciting news coming from this collaboration!

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