Skytale & Swapr – Farming with Benefits

Skytale & Swapr NFT Giveaway

NFT giveaway with unlimited access to Skytale‘s Premium service for 15 lucky liquidity miners!

At Skytale, we know how difficult it is to keep track of your investments. That’s why we are passionate about providing you with data analysis that enables you to make better informed decisions. Skytale‘s dashboard aggregates and tracks your crypto assets across multiple wallets and blockchain networks while also offering accounting and bookkeeping features.

In partnership with DXdao, we are giving away an NFT POAP to celebrate the third month from Skytale‘s launch. Aside from representing a limited edition collectible reward for early adopters, the NFT will provide exclusive access to the wealth of Skytale’s top-tier features: 

  • Unlimited imported wallets
  • Quickbooks integration
  • Tagging management
  • Classification engine
  • Customer support
  • 8 EVM networks supported
  • 3 exchanges

Why did choose to partner with DXdao.eth and Swapr.eth?

Skytale is not simply a DeFi analytics and accounting tool – we are a community!

That is why, dropping this exclusive POAP to allow you to try our premium features entirely free is another step in building our community. We chose our partners strategically, as both DXdao and Swapr have vibrant communities with whom we find a synergy. DXdao is a global decentralized organization initialized in May of 2019 and has over 400 unique stakeholder addresses. It builds, grows and governs on-chain DeFi protocols and products, one of which is Swapr DEX – a permissionless automated market maker with governance-enabled adjustable fees and zero-code liquidiy bootstrapping and farming campaign creation.

The 15 farmer addresses have been chosen at random among the list of addresses that have taken part in liquidity mining campaigns in Swapr on ArbitrumOne and Carrot KPI token campaigns on Gnosis Chain. To find out whether you are one of the lucky winners, just connect your wallet at to find out if you’ve been dropped a token!

Premium customers will have to hold Skytale‘s NFT in their wallet in order to access the advanced features.

We invite you to participate and to find out how Skytale can improve your life in DeFi.

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