Skytale is live!

Skytale is live

2021 has been a rollercoaster year for digital assets, with both Bitcoin and Ethereum reaching all-time highs, Visa announcing settlement with stablecoins and many more individuals and companies deciding to invest in cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens. 

It has also been a watershed year for us here at Skytale. On May 11 we announced the release of our private beta, and just over six months later, on November 24, we were able to send out an email to our early adopters to let them know that Skytale is now live and open to all.

What is Skytale?

Skytale offers a seamless, secure dashboard to manage all your personal or corporate digital assets in one place. We have evolved from our initial MVP, which was focused on a simple offering with minimal integrations, to be a fully featured analysis and aggregation tool suitable for individuals and corporations alike.

During the beta, we listened to what you said and added new features and integrations. From initially integrating with just four chains, we can now aggregate and analyse transactions on: Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Fantom, Arbitrum and RSK.

We initially launched with a preset list of categories that were useful for accounting purposes, but our user research showed us that people would prefer to add their own tags along with the Skytale-defined list. Hence, for go-live this week, we ensured that our users are able to tag their transactions with any custom tag they prefer.

We also offer freemium services, where users are able to add a read-only API key for one of the exchanges we support and monitor and aggregate their balances there.

What’s next?

It has been a busy year, but for us there is no time to rest. As we outlined in our recent Medium post about our roadmap, our primary focus is on developing the Skytale Classification Engine, which we are designing to give early warning of scams and malicious contracts, as well as usefully being able to group together and auto-tag certain types of transactions, such as those representing a particular NFT collection, for example. 

Concurrently with developing the classification engine, we will also be developing our tokenomics model and pushing forward with our solution which will enable premium users to stake tokens in exchange for advanced features. Watch this space for more news about our token generation event – and in the meantime, we invite all our users, new and old, to take advantage of our services. 

We invite everyone to use Skytale: sign up here and try the best crosschain DeFi asset tracker out there!