Skytale integrates Unstoppable Domains

We are thrilled to partner with Unstoppable Domains, as we believe in reducing barriers to web3 adoption and giving users full ownership of their digital identity. Our integration with Unstoppable Domains is another step on our journey toward making crypto more accessible for everyone. 

Through this partnership, every Skytale user will be able to track their transactions by adding their Unstoppable Domain to the platform. This way, our user can replace their long wallet address number with a domain name, which is easier to remember and less susceptible to error. Together, Skytale and Unstoppable Domains can give people more power to own their data and create a  simpler web3 space!

About Skytale

Skytale is a DeFi curated ledger to consolidate on-chain activities into one single view and to prevent fraud by flagging transactions and preparing critical data for tax reporting. With data aggregated from an extensive and expanding list of supported networks and protocols, Skytale enables anyone to make more informed decisions about their investments and to be alerted to potential scams in the DeFi and NFT space.

Skytale’s platform was launched in 2021 with the goal of helping people that invest in crypto to depend less on spreadsheets and have one place where they could see all their transactions. Besides that, Skytale also allows users to add notes and tags to each transaction, export data transaction into CSV, import transaction into the accounting software Quickbooks and configure webhooks to receive notifications on Discord and Slack. Therefore, Skytale is not only a tracking tool but also an accounting platform and bookkeeping solution.

About Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains was founded in 2018 and has more than 2,5 million registered domains. The domains are human-readable names, such as skytale.crypto, that are minted on the blockchain and serve as a digital identity. They can replace the wallet address number, which is lengthy and difficult to remember.  These domains can be personalized with different endings, like crypto, NFT, Wallet, and Blockchain. Unlike ENS domains, the Unstoppable domain will be stored as an NFT in the user’s wallet, with no renewal fees. The company believes in simplifying the web3 experience and in giving the user ownership and full control over their digital identity.

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