Skytale won the Deep Tech Award 2021 for the blockchain category


A one stop shop financial platform for blockchain-first companies to easily handle financial operations with crypto assets.

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Easily export and sync your transaction history with industry standard accounting tool


Streamlined Open Finance operations platform for companies managing crypto assets.

Paper Trail & Bookkeeper

Bulk Recurring Payments

Payment Workflow

Easily export and sync your transaction history with industry standard accounting tool

Save time and money for your company and distribute your digital token salaries with one click

Define proper user policies to avoid fraudulent and unauthorised transactions


One-stop shop financial platform for blockchain-first companies

Skytale is a financial operations suite
for crypto-friendly enterprises which combines a self custody wallet, with powerful treasury features, powered by enterprise-grade security, regular audits and insurance policy. The service is available on cloud and on premises.


Enterprise Grade Security

Create and connect wallets to manage your company portfolio.

Our platform is battle-tested versus any attack, regularly audited, shielded at the CDN layer, so your crypto assets are safely stored. 

Developer First API

User Authorization

We provide a live documentation to test our API in a sandbox to be safely integrated without compromising any sensitive data. Our API is equipped by an SDK written in the most popular languages and CLI to make developer life easier.

Through our platform it is possible to configure a number of security policies such as required confirmations before approving a transaction, daily, user and wallet limit.  


Cost Efficient Transactions

Use stablecoins to better handle the volatility risk associated with traditional crypto assets.

Save money and time by running batch and gasless transactions.

What is Skytale?

Skytale is one of the most promising fintech companies in Europe. Our vision is to create a world of open finance where there will be no difference between transacting with fiat or crypto assets, both for corporations and individuals. 

We strongly believe that the traditional finance and crypto worlds can co-exist and create unique synergies for the benefit of their customers.


Close the gap between the world of traditional finance and the new world of digital assets

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