Aggregate your DeFi investments in one view

Skytale bundles all transactions of cryptoassets in one dashboard,
regardless of their wallets and blockchain protocol.

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Get full transparency on your assets

We know how difficult it is to keep track of your wallets and exchanges. The Skytale Dashboard enables you to bring together all assets that are scattered across different wallets and blockchains.

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Improve your investment decisions with data

Analyse every transaction you have made. We aggregate different data sources and combine them into a single view. The analysis enables you to make informed decisions about your investments.

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Focus on the data you need

Define multiple tags to categorize your transactions better. You can filter by tags, dates, exchanges, chains, wallets, transactions and location types. This allows you to keep an eye on exactly the data that is important at the moment to make your decisions.

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Manage your tax reporting easily

Tracking crypto transactions across different networks and exchanges for tax reporting can be a laborous process. Not with Skytale: filter the information you need and save details like profits, losses and expenses as a CSV file. 

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We currently support the following chains and integrate continuously with new chains as the ecosystem develops

Supported Chains
Binance Smart Chain
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The Skytale solution is available via

NFTs Tracking and Management

Coming Soon

It’s not an exact date, but our NFT area should be ready in April 2022.

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NFTs: the killer app for crypto consumers

How did non-fungible tokens change from niche crypto collectibles to a multi-billion dollar business? Before 2021, NFTs were a fringe asset. Over the last 10 years, developers and crypto enthusiasts periodically experimented with non-fungible tokens, from the Rare Pepes that were created on Counterparty as early as 2012 to the now legendary Crypto Punks. Few outside the blockchain ecosystem had heard of them.

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What are stablecoins?

Stablecoins share some of their characteristics with fiat currency and some with cryptocurrencies, and form a bridge between the two. Most stablecoins so far have been pegged against the dollar, so that one unit is worth $1, within a certain margin of error.

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Metaverse Fashion Week

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